Promoting Youth Participation In Agriculture

1)      Link social media to agriculture
The rise of social media and its attraction among young people with access to the appropriate technologies is a route into agriculture when the two are linked in some way. Mobile phone use in Malawi is growing rapidly and people are now much more connected to sources of information and each other. CISE promote utilization of these channels to promote agriculture and educate young people into the sector.

2)      Improve agriculture’s image
Farming is rarely portrayed in the media as a young person’s game and is always seen as outdated, unprofitable and hard work. CISE believes greater awareness of the benefits of agriculture as a career needs to be built amongst young people, in particular opportunities for greater market engagement, innovation and farming as a business. The media, ICT and social media is used to help better agriculture’s image across a broad audience and allow for sharing of information and experiences between young people and young farmers.

3)      Strengthen education in agriculture
Relatively few students choose to study agriculture, perhaps in part because the quality of agricultural training is mixed. CISE advocates for reforms to agricultural tertiary education to be designed for young people and to achieve this CISE requires their direct engagement with policy makers. Primary and high school education should include modules on farming, from growing to marketing crops. This could help young people see agriculture as a potential career

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