Youth Empowerment

CISE in partnership with Malawi Human Rights Youth Network (MHRYN) is implementing a project entitled “Youth Empowerment for Participation in Local Governance in Mchinji”

The overall development goal of the project is inclusive and increased participation of youth in local governance structures in Malawi.

The project is based on the understanding that the active participation of citizens in the decision making process particularly at local level is important to make sure that policies and services, such as health and education, respond to people’s real concerns.

Children and young people make up a large proportion citizens in Malawi. They actually represent more than half of the country’s population. But young people are often not involved in efforts to increase the participation of citizens in decision making.

This means that young people’s concerns are not being met and their knowledge, skills and energy are not being used.

To help change this, the MHRYN developed a governance empowerment programme to support young people to get more involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

The project objective is empowering youth to effectively participate in local governance structures in Malawi in the 3 regions, (Northern, Central & Southern) specifically Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre.

At the end of the project the expected results will be:

  • Increased capacity of members of youth organizations to meaningfully participate in local governance;
  • Increased public and local government awareness of the role of youth in local governance; and
  • Strengthened local governance structures through increased participation of youth in decision- making processes.

The programme works to raise awareness among young people about their rights, to strengthen youth structures and networks, and to make sure young people have the skills and information needed to get involved in public policy, planning and budgeting processes at local government level.

Furthermore, through bringing young citizens and decision makers together. the project is expected to create new spaces for dialogue, negotiation and accountability.

As a result, democratic processes will be strengthened and the people’s living standards in general will improve.